My freelance work has ranged from illustration to graphic design, to painting and portraiture. Most of the organizations and companies have been local to Kalamazoo, while some have been published on a larger scale.

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AMA is a professional association for marketing, specializing in training and information for its members. These images were produced for the Western Michigan University branch for their presentations. In the past few years they have placed second and third in national competition with clients like Pringles, Goodyear, and New Orleans Tourism.

The Confuscious Institute of Michigan State University's Department of Educational Technology acts as a bridge between education in the U.S. and China. I contributed preproduction illustrations for software development of an interactive game to teach Chinese to American high school students.

Every year Kalamazoo College's homecoming festivities include a 5K run. I created the graphics for the race layout.

Every year radio station 89.1 WIDR puts on a fund raising drive called WIDR Week for which I produced work for a range of promotional materials.

89.1 WIDR's Barking Tuna Festival is an annual concert event for which I produced work for a range of promotional materials from posters to T-shirts to backstage passes.







Hardcore Productions is a small media production company based out of Kalamazoo MI for whom I've made cover art and logo designs.


Some of these are DVD covers for the wedding videos Hardcore Productions has produced. Others are simply invitations, portraits, or paintings made for family and friends for their special occasion.


As hosts of the radio program Audio Bijou, a movie news reviews, and music show, my brother and I hold an annual Oscar Party. These are the graphics used for the invitations, decorations, and gift CD's. bijou main.htm

Swarm & Destroy is an award winning documentary film about an organization called the Moped Army. I produced images for the film itself as well as work for posters, DVD cover and disc art, as well as other promotional materials.





swarm & destroy at


This series of pieces began as background plates for the animation in the documentary Swarm and Destroy. The style was meant to evoke the feel of downtown Kalamazoo and since then the series has expanded to encompass several Kalamazoo landmarks.

Prints of these pieces were available for sale through Fervor Art and featured in the Kalamazoo Art Hop.

These images are digital photographs that have then undergone different computer processing and manipulation techniques as well as digital painting. I use Photoshop 5.5, an Olympus Camedia D-550, and a Wacom Drawing Tablet for creating and manipulating digital imagery.


The Moped Army is national organization of affiliated moped gangs and enthusaists. I've created some illustrations for some of their events as well as a pin up for Paul Sizer's Moped Army graphic novel.


The Meijer Stockloss Committee is responsible for reducing theft at Meijer stores. I did a series of educational flyers and award certificates for them.

The Meijer Only the Best Committee is responsible for improving employee relations at Meijer Stores. I did a series of promotional flyers and award certificates for them.

Maize was a comic strip I produced for three years for the Western Herald and for a brief period as an online publication for For a more complete look at my work from Maize click on the link to visit the Maize website.


These logos have been created for various organizations and businesses. Although not all were used, I have included both the versions which were approved and those which were merely submitted along with the selected piece.

They were created using a range of techniques, including drawing, Photoshop, and Illustrator.